Kristie Bailey
Graphic Designer
& Social Activist

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︎︎︎ If there is a design niche for making letterforms out of risque body parts, I am proud to be a part of it.

Bobbie Baby Formula
︎︎︎A brand exploration for an inclusive baby formula subscription service, which focussed on the idea of transition and growth. Learn more about bobbie here.

Woof Dogwalking
︎︎︎ Logo for a small dog walking business. 

Everlane Union
︎︎︎A brand experiment publicizing Everlane’s unethical treatment of their costumer experience staff, who were laid off during the coronavirus pandemic for organizing. Gained notice from Boots Riley and Bernie Sanders. Follow @everlaneu and @exwivesclub for the full story. Learn more about why you shouldn’t shop at Everlane if you’re interested in environmental sustainability here.

Coalition for Economic Justice
︎︎︎ Publication design of the Coalition for Economic Justice’s annual awards ceremony. Learn more about CEJ’s important work here.